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Cycle Rama CR557 M8 Cam install kit 17 up M8

Cycle Rama CR557 M8 Cam install kit 17 up M8

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  • Mid/High. Big Bore Motors .114" – Up. One of best M8 HP cam on the market 

    The opening and closing ramps are different profiles to reduce valve bounce and valve spring harmonics, thus the valves are under much better control. Replaces the CR540 & CR540-2. This combines the best of both those cams.

  • 17 to 19 comes with Late model Harley oil pump 20 up came with the better pump 
  • CR557 Cam
  • S&S EZ push rod Black or Chrome Kit,
  • CR50 Lifter Guides,
  • Fueling Tappet Set - Twin Cam/M8, Camshaft Installation Kit, Exhaust, tappet and 
  •  Beehive Spring Kits for Milwaukee-Eight™ Heads include 8 progressively wound ovate wire Beehive Springs, 8 Titanium Retainers, 8 Tophat Seals and 8 Spring Bases.
  • 5.5 genuine Bosch injectors engines making 115-155Hp
  • cam cover gasket,kit
  • Cam drive sprocket fastener kit,
  • (EBC  heavy duty Clutch spring kit and Assembly Lube

Notice to Customers in California Cycle-Rama sells competition use only performance parts

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