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S&S Billet Head Breather Kit for M8 Models

S&S Billet Head Breather Kit for M8 Models

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Billet Head Breathers for all M8 Models!
Our crew has been working on these new Billet Head Breathers, crafted from premium 6061 aluminum and anodized in the iconic S&S Blue. These new breathers feature a dual O-ring design, ensuring a superior seal in the head, minimizing leaks, and maximizing performance. We've also developed a unique Labyrinth design to significantly reduce oil pass-through, keeping your engine running cleaner and smoother.
Swap out the stock plastic breathers in your bikes for the new S&S Billet Head Breathers today. Say goodbye to worries about oil leakage and hello to a smoother, more efficient ride.
Discover more about these Billet Head Breathers and their detailed specs on the S&S website. Or, better yet, get them for yourself from your favorite local S&S dealer today and experience the difference firsthand!

Features & Benefits

  • 6061 Aluminum to replace stock plastic
  • Anodized S&S Blue
  • Dual O-Ring for a better seal in the head
  • Unique Labyrinth design to significantly reduce oil pass-through
  • Reduced emissions (Burns less oil)
  • Increased durability over stock  
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